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Dear Patron: Please note that because of necessary editorial adjustments on the CSS’ part, the Resources homepage and CSS Blog Network page will now feature new materials on Monday, Wednesday and Friday instead of each day of the workweek. As in the past, we will continue to present the publications and analyses of CSS experts, external partners and like-minded institutions in order to promote further dialogue on important international relations and security-related issues. As for our Digital Library, we will continue to add new publications and articles to it on a constant basis.

This Week's Two Security Watch Series

This week, our first Security Watch (SW) series focuses on the global status of nuclear armaments; why US special operations forces failed to prevent the rise of the so-called Islamic State in the Philippines; and China’s preemptive missile strike capabilities. Then, in our second SW series, we look at the European Commission’s proposed regulation on risk-preparedness in the energy sector; China’s counterspace strategy; and the risks and benefits of drawing lessons today from Thucydides’ 'History of the Peloponnesian War'.

Video: What Would Trigger Conflict in Asia

Is war likely to happen in Asia over the next decade? In this video, a panel of experts tackles this question by reviewing the possible implications of China’s rise and its potential displacement of the US, historic regional rivalries, the forces driving Beijing to expand its military power at sea, and much more.

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