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Hommage à James ENSOR
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Dear Patron: For those of you who haven’t visited us in a while, please note that the Resources portion of the CSS website is the successor to the International Relations and Security Network (ISN). As in the case of its predecessor, the fundamental purpose of the Resources section is outreach -- i.e., it features the publications and analyses of CSS experts, external partners and other like-minded institutions in order to promote further dialogue on important international relations and security-related issues.

This Week's Two Security Watch Series

This week, our first Security Watch (SW) series focuses on Russia’s new national guard corps; a Clausewitzian approach to hybrid warfare; the new power couple in the Middle East – Russia and Iran; the political economy of the so-called Islamic State’s decline, and how the Syrian Civil War might end for Hezbollah. Then, in our second SW series, we look at the military implications of China’s quantum satellite experiments; the fractured progress towards a global peace and security agenda; the probability of Iran reinitiating its nuclear weapons program in the mid-term; atrocity prevention through dialogue, and the rise of Europe's radical right.

Video: The Foreign Policy Legacy of the Obama Administration

In today’s video, Daniel Drezner, Michael Mandelbaum and David Milne provide a retrospective review of the Obama administration‘s foreign policy, to include its successes and failures and the issues that will most likely come to define President Obama’s legacy.  

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