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Dear Patron: The Resources portion of the CSS website is the successor to the International Relations and Security Network (ISN). As in the case of its predecessor, the fundamental purpose of the Resources section is outreach -- i.e., it features the publications and analyses of CSS experts, external partners and like-minded institutions in order to promote further dialogue on important international relations and security-related issues.

This Week's Two Security Watch Series

This week, our first Security Watch (SW) series focuses on ‘formless warfare’; China’s blue water navy strategy and its implications; the Islamic State’s two-pronged assault on Turkey; criminal, religious and political radicalization in prisons; and the concept of sovereignty. Then, in our second SW series, we look at Brexit and European insecurity; the fundamental threats facing NATO; the role sexual violence played in the military dictatorships of Latin America; freedom’s definitional relationship to oppression; and the difficulties of negotiating with a dis-United Kingdom.

Video: The Critical Link between Water and Security

Global water resources are becoming critically stressed in historically unprecedented ways. Indeed, by 2025, the UN predicts that 1.8 billion people – 22% of the global population – will be living in regions with absolute water scarcity. In today’s video, Joshua Busby and Michael Tiboris discuss what such deprivation might mean for global security and stability.

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