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Dear Patron: The Resources portion of the CSS website is the successor to the International Relations and Security Network (ISN). As in the case of its predecessor, the fundamental purpose of the Resources section is outreach -- i.e., it features the publications and analyses of CSS experts, external partners and like-minded institutions in order to promote further dialogue on important international relations and security-related issues.

This Week's Two Security Watch Series

This week, our first Security Watch (SW) series focuses on four possible doomsday scenarios for Europe’s post-2014 policy towards Russia; the expected ‘race for Syria’ after the demise of the Islamic State; how to enhance NATO-EU cooperation; the US Army’s not-so-new Multi-Domain Battle concept; and the rapidly approaching endgame in Venezuela. Then, in our second SW series, we look at how an influential American journal analyzes US foreign policy; the nascent ‘Europe of Security’ concept; how to implement sustainable peace solutions in a volatile world; the dissimilar approaches George W Bush and Barack Obama took towards the Middle East; and the roles business and private diplomacy can play as catalysts for sustainable peace.

Video: International Law and New Wars

In today’s video, Christine Chinkin and Mary Kaldor discuss their new book, “International Law and New Wars,” with added comments provided by Javier Solana. The problem, they contend, is that international law, which was largely constructed in the 19th and 20th centuries, continues to focus too much on traditional warfare. What’s really needed in today’s world of idiosyncratic ‘new wars’ is to match up international law with second generation notions of human security.

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