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    Featured Partner This Week

Our featured partner this week is SAGE International Australia (SIA), which is an independent, not-for-profit think tank dedicated to deepening the understanding of global strategic and political issues. It aims to advance knowledge on international security trends and conflict resolution by providing high quality research, analysis and policy debate and advice.


  • Pakistan
    The Advanced Legal Studies Institute (ALSI) promotes research in Islamic law and the laws that currently exist in Muslim countries, especially in Pakistan. To support this overarching aim, ALSI also p...
  • Armenia
    Advanced Social Technologies (AST) based in Armenia is an independent center for applied social research. It contributes to the country's development and democratization by means of accumulating relia...
  • Uganda
    The Advocates Coalition for Development and Environment (ACODE) is an independent, nonpartisan and public policy-centered think tank that performs research on topics such as governance, trade, environ...
  • Afghanistan
    The Afghan Technical Consultants (ATC) organization is the implementing partner of the Mine Action Coordination Center of Afghanistan (MACCA) and other non-governmental organizations engaged in humanitarian Mine/ERW clearance projects.
  • Afghanistan
    The Afghanistan Analysts Network (AAN) is an independent, nonprofit policy research organization that brings together experts to provide a greater understanding of “Afghan realities.”
  • Afghanistan
    The Afghanistan Women Council (AWC) is an apolitical, nonprofit, nonsectarian charity organization that supports Afghan refugees. Within the latter group, the primary objective of AWC is to empower women by building their capacities; improving their health, education and living conditions; and strengthening their socio-economic status.
  • United States
    The Africa Center for Strategic Studies (ACSS) works to strengthen the ability of African states to identify and resolve their security problems without compromising civil-military cooperation, democratic values, and human rights. To support this goal, the ACSS 1) conducts independent, Africa-centered research, 2) presents its results in open source publications, and 3) pursues an active outreach program on the continent.
  • South Africa
    The African Institute of South Africa (AISA) is a statutory research organization that is part of South Africa's Human Sciences Research Council (HSRC). Its overarching aim is to produce research that...
  • Nigeria
    The Africa Leadership Forum (ALF) is a civil society organization that offers a range of high-level conferences, seminars, workshops and publications aimed at enhancing the leadership and management s...
  • Kenya
    The role of Africa Peace Forum is to assist IGAD Secretariat/CEWARN establish a functioning early warning and early response structure/unit in the IGAD region with a focus on pastoralist conflict alon...
  • Zimbabwe
    Since 1991 the African Capacity Building Foundation (ACBF) has worked to build the human and institutional capabilities that are needed to ensure good governance and economic development in Africa.
  • South Africa
    The African Centre for Migration and Society (ACMS) is an independent, interdisciplinary and widely engaged organization that focuses its research and teaching activities on migration, development and...
  • Kenya
    The African Centre for Technology Studies (ACTS) works to identify and promote the science, technology and innovation policies the continent's states and institutions should follow in order to facili...
  • South Africa
    The African Centre for the Constructive Resolution of Disputes (ACCORD) is a nongovernmental institution that promotes conflict resolution, internal and external dialogue, and institutional development. ACCORD also strives to develop specifically African solutions for African problems, primarily through its mediation, negotiation, conflict analysis, and training efforts.
  • Gambia
    The African Commission on Human and Peoples' Rights (ACHPR) works to protect, promote and interpret individual rights within the framework of the African Charter (1987).
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