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11 Jan 2016

This issue of the RAD takes the measure of current US-Russian relations. The authors of the lone article provide a SWOT analysis of what has become, yet again, a testy relationship. They are nevertheless cautiously optimistic that the two nations will rehabilitate their ties, primarily by cooperating on a political transition in Syria, fully implementing the Minsk Agreements, thwarting WMD proliferation, acting aggressively on Climate Change, and exploring space together. Subsequent to the SWOT analysis, the RAD provides comparative data on the US-Russian trade relationship and recent survey data on Russian attitudes towards the US, the EU and China.

Download English (PDF, 9 pages, 194 KB)
Author Alexander Sergunin, Valery Konyshev
Series Russian Analytical Digest (RAD)
Issue 178
Publisher Center for Security Studies (CSS)
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