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23 Mar 2016

This issue of the RAD features two articles on Russia's economic retrenchment and the possible impact of collapsing oil prices on Vladimir Putin's tenure in office. After taking stock of Russia's economic status at the beginning of 2016, the first article concludes that negative economic growth within the country will not lead to volatile domestic political shifts anytime soon. The second article then argues that the distribution of oil revenues remains a go-to tool which the Kremlin uses to buy the continued loyalty of Russia's elites. The issue closes with statistics that detail the country's recent economic performance.

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Author Peter Rutland, Jeronim Perović
Series Russian Analytical Digest (RAD)
Issue 180
Publisher Center for Security Studies (CSS)
Copyright © 2016 Research Centre for East European Studies (FSOE), Center for Security Studies (CSS), German Association for East European Studies (DGO), The Institute for European, Russian and Eurasian Studies, The George Washington University, The Institute of History at the University of Zurich, Resource Security Institute.
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