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4 Apr 2017

The three articles in this issue of the CAD focus on 1) the Islamist insurgency that existed in the North Caucasus region between 2007 and 2014, and whether it could revive and spread to other areas of Russia; 2) the growth of non-“Chechen” Islamist extremism in Georgia, particularly in the southwest portion of the country; and 3) the presence of Islamic religious groups in Azerbaijan, their varying influence, and the role state authorities play in their growth and popularity.

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Author Jean-François Ratelle, Michael Hikari Cecire, Arzu Geybulla, (Editors: Lili Di Puppo, Iris Kempe, Matthias Neumann, Jeronim Perović, Heiko Pleines, Tinatin Zurabishvili)
Series Caucasus Analytical Digest (CAD)
Issue 93
Publisher Center for Security Studies (CSS)
Research Centre for East European Studies at the University of Bremen, Caucasus Research Resource Centers
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