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Fall Semester 2016

Bachelor in Public Policy

Number Unit Lecturer
853-0047-00L World Politics Since 1945: The History of International Relations  A. Wenger
853-0060-00L Current Issues in Security Policy  A. Wenger,
O. Thränert
853-0315-00L BA Colloquium  A. Wenger,
M. Dunn Cavelty
853-0321-00L Advanced Course II (Seminar)  E. Nussio,
S. Pfister,
T. Szvircsev Tresch

Master in Comparative and International Studies

Number Unit Lecturer
857-0003-00L Introduction to Security Studies  M. Dunn Cavelty,
U. Jasper,
M. Leese
857-0009-00L Political Violence  A. Wenger,
C. Bara
857-0098-00L Technology Governance and International Security  M. Dunn Cavelty
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