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Research at the Center for Security Studies focuses on changing threats to states and their societies, and the way in which key actors organize themselves to address these threats. Research follows a broad interdisciplinary approach and focuses on six main research areas:

We examine how cyber incidents affect or even change the political discourse by making certain (political) measures possible. In particular, we are interested in how knowledge about these incidents emerges, how it changes, and how this knowledge is used in politics.

Nuclear weapons policy
We examine the theoretical and historical dimensions of nuclear proliferation and non-proliferation, with a particular focus on the role of institutions and regimes within the global nuclear order. The aim is to understand the incentives and inhibitions of nuclear proliferation and to develop complex analyzes of the (non) proliferation decisions of states.

Post-conflict studies
We examine the conditions for sustainable peace following armed conflicts. We are pursuing a holistic approach, not only focusing on the re-emergence of political violence, but also addressing the issue of continuing social violence.

Security institutions
We examine why and how security institutions have changed over time. We look at the resulting policy and its impact on national security. We analyze different concepts of the world order and examine patterns of cooperation between different security actors, including individual states, the UN, the EU and NATO as well as global and regional security communities.

Security technologies and governance
We examine the development and deployment of civil and military security technologies. We ask ourselves which decisions are behind the development and which political and social implications they have. We also look at armament control efforts.

Urban security / Violence Reduction
We examine questions of personal security and interpersonal violence in urban areas. Rapid urbanization, especially in the Global South, accentuated problems of economic inequality and social discrimination and contributed to high rates of violence. In the context of the Institute for Science, Technology and Policy (ISTP), we are working with researchers from various disciplines on solutions to urban security problems.

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