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The four-semester Master of Arts in Comparative and International Studies (MACIS) is a research-oriented graduate program of the Center for Comparative and International Studies (CIS). The MACIS curriculum combines comparative and international Political Science as a way of teaching students about the complex interrelationships between national, international, and transnational political processes.

The course devotes particular attention to methods, theory, and research-oriented work. As such, the MACIS should also be seen as a preparatory step to a doctorate. Around 20 of the national and inter- national applicants are selected each year.

Program & Curriculum

The MACIS programme totals 120 ECTS credit points. The points are allocated as follows:

Requirement Credit Points ECTS
6 Core Seminars 44
3 Research Seminar 24
4 - 6 Elective Courses 22
MA Thesis (incl. MA Colloquium & theses presentations) 30
Total 120

A look at the core curriculum:

Term I Term II Term III Term IV
Core Seminar
Methods I:
Research Design
& Qualitative Methods
Methods II:
Quantitative Methods
Core Seminar
Methods III: Statistical
2 Research Seminars
(offered by individual
research groups)

Master Colloquium
Core Seminar
Political Violence
Core Seminar
Political Economy
Exchange Semester
at IHEID Geneva

Master Thesis
Core Seminar
Research Seminar
(offered by individual
research groups)
  MA Thesis

Elective Courses
Elective Courses Elective Courses Elective Courses

Who May Apply

You may apply for admission to the MACIS program if you have completed the following:

  • BA, BSc, or equivalent first degree at an internationally recognized university;
  • Swiss Lizenziat/Licence

You may be admitted to the program without additional prerequisites if:

  • Your first degree (or equivalent) is in one of the following social sciences: economics, political science (including Staatswissenschaften and public administration) or sociology
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