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The aim of the mediation reports is to support mediators and negotiators in gaining knowledge and skills for effective peace negotiations and conflict transformation. They are produced by the Mediation Support Project (MSP), which is a joint endeavor of the CSS and swisspeace, and the Culture and Religion in Mediation (CARIM) program. MSP publications focus on mediation in track 1 peace processes. CARIM publications focus on how to deal with the cultural and religious dimensions of conflict and mediation.

Publication Series

CSS Mediation Resources” is a series that aims to provide methodological guidance and insights to mediators, negotiators and peace practitioners working to address violent political conflicts. It is produced by the Mediation Support Team of the Center for Security Studies at ETH Zurich, with contributions from occasional guest authors. Read more

Peace Mediation Essentials” is a series of concise guidance notes that provide policy makers, peace practitioners and mediators with an introduction to topics related to peace mediation processes. The series is produced by the Mediation Support Project, a joint endeavor of the Center for Security Studies at ETH Zurich and swisspeace which is funded by the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs. Read more

The Mediation Support Network (MSN) is a small, global network of primarily non-governmental organizations that support mediation in peace negotiations. The network meets regularly and at each meeting a specific topic related to peace mediation and conflict transformation is discussed. The “MSN Discussion Points”series summarizes key aspects of these discussions. It does not represent a comprehensive or consensus view of MSN members, but rather seeks to provide some material to inspire further reflection. Read more

Here you can find other publications related to mediation and conflict transformation that have been produced by the Mediation Support Team outside of the framework of its regular series. Read more

Mediation Perspecitves Blog

Mediation Perspectives” is a sub-series of the CSS Blog offering a mediation perspective on questions of conflict and peace. It analyzes specific aspects of today’s conflicts in ways that highlight possibilities for mutually acceptable agreements. Read more

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