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Mar 2017

This SSQ issue focuses on 1) the negative consequences of a nuclear weapons-free world; 2) the defense strategy(ies) the Trump administration might ultimately adopt (primacy, selective engagement and/or restraint); 3) the growing convergence of information (versus cyber) warfare; 4) the future fortunes of the INF Treaty; 5) the applicability of Clausewitz’s “On War” to military planning in East Asia; and 6) the problems raised by multipolar nuclear proliferation in the 21st century.

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Author Christine Leah, Adam B Lowther, Robert P Haffa, Martin Libicki, Ulrich Kühn, Anna Péczeli, Michael R Kraig, Stephen J Cimbala (Editors: W Michael Guillot, DOnna Budjenska)
Series Strategic Studies Quarterly (SSQ)
Issue 1
Publisher Air Force Research Institute (AFRI)
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