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25 Jan 2017

This volume examines how the EU conducts its diplomatic, defense, development and other related policies, and how it has evolved as a foreign policy actor since the Lisbon Treaty entered into force. While exploring these overarching themes, the text’s multiple authors also look at 1) the scholarly, theoretical perspectives through which Brussels’ foreign policy has been analyzed; 2) the main players in the EU, how they formulate its external policies, and how the process has changed over time; 3) the policies that dictate the Union’s foreign relations; and 4) how Brussels manages its strategic partnerships and relationships around the world.

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Author Jan Joel Andersson, Daniel Fiott, Florence Gaub, Sabina Lange, José Luengo-Cabrera, Michal Makocki, Antonio Missiroli, Antonio Missiroli, Patryk Pawlak, Eva Pejsova, Nicu Popescu, Lorena Ruano, Gerald Stang, Thierry Tardy, John-Joseph Wilkins, Erika Balsyte, Jakob Bund, Julia Lisiecka, Annelies Pauwels, Ginevra Sponzilli, (Editor: Antonio Missiroli)
Series EUISS Books
Publisher European Union Institute for Security Studies (EUISS)
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