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Research at the Center for Security Studies focuses on the changing landscape of threats that states and their societies face today and the ways important actors organize themselves to confront these threats. There are four major research areas:

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Risk and Resilience

We study causes and consequences (theoretical, practical, and normative) of conceptualizing (inter-)national security under the heading of risk and resilience by critically interrogating the relationship between conceptual shifts and resulting policy practices with bearing on the political subjects and the state.

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Nuclear (Weapons) Policy

We study the theoretical and historical dimensions of nuclear proliferation and restraint/reversal, including the role of institutions and regimes within the global nuclear order, by focusing on considerations, incentives and disincentives, creating historically rich and analytically complex accounts of states’ proliferation decisions.

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Security Institutions

We study why and how security institutions have changed over times. We look at resultant national policies and their security implications. We study different concepts of world order. We examine different patterns of cooperation between different security actors, including states, the UN, the EU and NATO, as well as global and regional security communities.

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Security and Energy Policy

We study the interrelationship between energy and conflict, the political economy of energy, and the security of supply.

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