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Roll the Dice... I dare you!
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Dear Patron: The Resources portion of the CSS website is the successor to the International Relations and Security Network (ISN). As in the case of its predecessor, the fundamental purpose of the Resources section is outreach -- i.e., it features the publications and analyses of CSS experts, external partners and like-minded institutions in order to promote further dialogue on important international relations and security-related issues.

This Week's Two Security Watch Series

This week, our first Security Watch (SW) series focuses on 10 important acquisition programs that might be “distorted” because of the US Department of Defense’s budget woes; Tunisia’s growing vulnerability to the so-called Islamic State; the composition and behavior of the Syrian Democratic Forces; when, why and how refugees become receptive to militant messaging; and the potential impact of emerging Chinese surveillance and strike complexes. Then, in our second SW series, we look at what Europe can expect from Germany´s evolving migration policy; the current status of the European Parliament; the impact of Russia’s compatriot policy on Estonia’s Russian population; Europe’s current energy dynamics; and whether Russia and China are “gaming” the West.

Video: The Global Economy: How to Avoid the Next Collapse

In today’s video, Mohamed El-Erian argues that central banks have been unable to foster high inclusive growth and durable financial stability. As a result, the global economy is nearing a crossroads. One road leads to recovery and prosperity, while the other one winds toward recession and continued instability. Here’s what El-Erian believes we must do—both individually and collectively—to ensure we take the right road.

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